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Contact Person : NERAV SHAH [ Partner ]
We are : Jewellery manufacturers,
We deal in : Jewellery studded gold jewellery,
Brief write up : Celebrated over the years, AU|FINJA stands as a pioneering name in the world of machine-cut gold bangle and jewellery manufacturing. A family run organization by brothers Haresh Pahuja and Ajay Sobhraj, the company that was established in 1997 and its Indian set-up initiated in 2009, has left no stone unturned to ensure that the end user recognizes the name as something they can trust, embrace, consume and admire. AU|Finja's journey started close to 15 years ago when it started operations in Dubai. With a variety of designs and exceptionally efficient customer service, the name gained the confidence and trust of its clients and gradually grew into a very successful and sought after company that produced and manufactured bangles in 22karat gold. The Mumbai set-up of AU|Finja is the second manufacturing unit for the company. AU|Finja has grown multi-fold over the years, today becoming almost synonymous with the word “bangle”. Passionate about their art, perfectionists about their craft, Team AU|Finja has made its mark in the International arena in a short span. Having had a successful reign primarily in the Middle East and most African-Asian markets, the company is now dedicated to delivering creations that are infused with ethnicity, elegance and exquisiteness to the discerning woman in European and American markets. With over hundreds of people working at the company’s Dubai and India manufacturing units and an elaborate network of distributors in various countries across the globe, each member of AU|Finja family is striving to achieve a harmony in quality, commitment and creativity with a determination to cater to the dreams and demands of its clients. The brothers are proud to take the legacy of their father , late Shri Raghunath Sobhraj Pahuja ahead – the visionary master craftsman who produced rhodium bangles back in the year 1963. Making use of world's finest machinery with sound technological equipent to meet global standards of production; the trademark bangles are sketched, designed, crafted and finished to exude luminosity and radiate grandeur. The opulence of the bangles can be witnessed in its Mohenjodaro, Rosette, Sound-of-Jewels, Enamel & Annora collections. Today, AU|Finja boasts of two busy manufacturing sites in Dubai and Mumbai, a growing team of staff, has a widespread network of distributors across the globe and classy collections of bangles that keep adding with time.
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