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World Craft Council Workshop
GJEPC associates with ‘Abhushan’, a World Craft Council Workshop for Revival of Dying Crafts in Jewellery

‘India' is synonymous to exotic arts and handicrafts traditions. Timeless pieces of art have held the eye captive with its fascinating colors and designs. Today these bear a reflection of the glorious Indian traditions. For centuries Indian handicrafts have been distinguished for their great aesthetic and functional value. Each state of India has its own tradition and legacy of handicrafts. West Bengal, Karnataka, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and all the other states of India are famous for more than one of their characteristic handicrafts. From pottery, metal craft, woodcraft, stone works, gems and jewelry, textiles, leatherwork to mesmerizing paintings, hand crafted games, traditional toys and dolls, carpets and floorings and awe inspiring sculptures and statues - India has perfected almost all the arts and handicrafts known to humanity.

One can feel the vibrancy of Indian ethnicity come alive in the myriad home products available, which are carefully crafted by the artisans. The numerous choices in materials available in each category of products add wings to flights of imagination. There are no limits to what can be achieved with the variety in hand. Various crafts that have been perfected over centuries are kept alive in the skilfull hands of the craftsmen.

Keeping this is mind, The Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council, an apex body of the Industry sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India is proud to be associated with the World Crafts Council’s Abhushan “Crafts Exchange Program Workshop” during the International Jewellery Summit titled Abushan: Design Dialogues in Jewellery.

The Indian G&J industry presently is experiencing a boom. Today, India is not only a huge & thriving market but also acts like a facilitator of global trade. Regarding the Council’s role in the World Carft’s Council’s- Craft Exchange Workshop, GJEPC is looking at three primary objectives:

  • Expanding avenues for export & import industry
  • Development of artisan skills
  • Stimulate Research & Development

The shift of focus to crafty, artistic jewellery is apparent in recent times. While traditional jewellery still holds on to its demand, the need of the hour is to develop that exquisite design which caters to contemporary tastes while keeping the traditional sensibilities intact. The growing awareness among the industry to acknowledge our artisans is the first step. This workshop, will work towards addressing the various challenges & obstacles one faces to produce an end result and streamline efforts across the various nations.

Craftsmanship’s like Filigree, Patwa, Interlace Jewellery, Bidri are forgotten but not obsolete. The Council, joins WCC‘s effort to revive these art forms. In short, we can say that every country has rich ancestral craftsmanship roots, which usually caters as an excellent window on its fertile and great civilisation. If you want to discover the beauty of true jewellery craftsmanship, WCC has created this platform for the eager. Giving you an exciting opportunity to know more about the untapped beauty & creativity trapped in these ancient art forms.

GJEPC endeavours to popularise these art forms of jewellery not only in India but across the Globe as they are unique to India's tradition and culture and can act as the USP of Indian Jewellery in the Global Market. India has been catering to the world's demand, taste and preference, its time to widen horizons and evolve with most inimitable and distinctive makes that are yet unknown to the world. Such designs , crafts and makes are India's patent and irreplaceble.

The effort is not only to develop the overall trade but also to flourish the crafts in Jewellery making and help them revive and sustain in the long run.

The Council is proud to be associated in this conference and wishing all the best for the entire team behind this event.

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