FCRF: Fancy Colour Diamond Prices Remain Stable in Q4

Feb 17, 2015

In its latest report covering the three months ended Dec 31, 2014, The Fancy Color Research Foundation (The FCRF) has noted that The Fancy Color Diamond Index developed by it has remained “practically unchanged”. The Foundation says that “this performance is further testimony to the favorable supply-demand dynamics of fancy color diamonds”.

The report adds that within fancy colour categories, 10 carat blue diamonds (fancy, intense and vivid) experienced the highest price increases (about 4%).

FCRF says that the January 2015 Index read shows that fancy colour diamonds “are continuing to exhibit consistent price levels, against a backdrop of commodity value declines in the fourth quarter of 2014”. It contrasts the relatively stability in prices of fancy coloured diamonds with the “steep price declines” in oil, iron ore and coal and add that prices of white diamonds too fell during this period.

Ishaia Gol, a member of the board of advisors for The FCRF, said that this data “reaffirms our knowledge and understanding from the last decade that fancy color diamonds are a separate niche, almost non-correlated to white diamonds.”

The Index was launched in November 2014 using data going back to January 2005 to measure and analyse the performance of rare fancy colour diamonds as an alternative asset class.  The FCRF has significantly expanded its global contributor reach for collecting pricing data for the index in January 2015 and also made the data collection process fully automated. Pricing data for three new size categories: 1.50, 3 and 8 carats (across all colours) is also being collated.  

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