Kimberley Process


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Compliant To The Core

India was one of the founder participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) when it was formed with a mandate from the United Nations Organisation, to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds. Governments of countries involved in the diamond pipeline are its members and today KP has 54 participants representing 81 countries (EU’s member states have one representative). Members of KPCS produce about 99.8% of the rough diamonds worldwide.

India became compliant from January 1, 2003, when the scheme was first implemented and has passed with flying colours in subsequent Reviews by its peers in the KPCS.

The GJEPC was appointed as the nodal agency for KPCS and undertakes all KP certification within the country, as well as assists GoI’s representatives on international fora on all related matters. India was the chair for Kimberley Process for the year 2019.

GJEPC has worked diligently to ensure that conflict diamonds are kept out of the country and the mainstream industry, and that compliance is strictly adhered to by companies in the sector.