Nov 18, 2016

India-EU Joint Proposal Ratified at KP Plenary, India to be Kimberley Process Chair in 2019

The India-EU joint proposal for a consensus decision in selecting the Kimberley Process Chair for 2018 and 2019 was ratified at the closing session of the KP Plenary Meet that concluded at Dubai yesterday. Under this, the EU will assume responsibility as KP Vice Chair in 2017 with Australia as Chair, and India will be the Vice Chair in 2018 when EU becomes the organisation’s Chair. Consequently, in 2019 India will become the KP Chair.

It may be recalled that a few months ago both the EU and India had independently applied for the Vice Chair post in 2018. Subsequently, following bilateral discussions, they had agreed to jointly approach the Plenary seeking a consensus decision in selecting the Vice Chair and Chair for the next two consecutive years, a proposal that found favour at the meet.

Speaking to the delegates soon after the decision was accepted by the House, Manoj Dwivedi, Jt. Sec., Dept of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, who was head of the Indian delegation to the KP Plenary meeting expressed his thanks to all.

He said that the country would follow a collaborative, democratic and transparent approach with the aim of taking the illustrious process to a “new era of digital relevance and capacity building”. He added that the government and the industry shared a common perspective, and in line with the vision of a Digital India proposed by the country’s Prime Minister, would strive to “make KP more digitally compliant in the modern world… in terms of using technology to advance the objective and governance of KP”.

Dwivedi said that this would enable a more equitable distribution of capabilities and standards in managing and issuing KP certificates and added that the country would immediately start preparing an action plan which will define its tenure.

Both government and industry also believe that it is important for the diamond industry to achieve an image makeover in the eyes of consumers. “India has already undertaken an International KYC programme driven by the industry and also generic promotion of diamonds to the next generation consumers, and differentiation and detection of Labgrown diamonds for consumer confidence to remain intact on natural diamonds,” he said.

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At the KP Plenary – India announced as the Vice Chair for 2018