Mar 09, 2018

Russia and Zimbabwe to Strengthen Economic Ties; Discuss Co-operation in the Diamond and Platinum Areas

According to media reports out of Africa, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov , who is on a visit of African countries, yesterday had serious discussions with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe's new incumbent to that position. The talks, amongst other areas,  covered the strengthening of economic ties and trade between the two countries.

It is also reported that representatives of Russia and Zimbabwe signed a number of documents, “including a memorandum on establishing a special economic zone in the southern African country”.

"We talked about the tasks that we have to pursue in order to develop these trade and economic ties between our countries," Lavrov is quoted as saying to journalists after the meeting in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare.

Of particular interest to the Russians are the diamond and platinum deposits of the African country.

"We emphasised the implementation of the joint project of exploring the Darwendale platinum deposits," Lavrov is further quoted as saying. Russia and Zimbabwe had signed an agreement in 2014  to jointly develop the Darwendale  platinum deposits. The mining deal is said to be to the tune of US$ 3 million.

The Russian Minister further informed the media that the two leaders had also "had a good conversation”  about possible co-operation between the two countries in the area of diamonds.

Amongst other topics covered was the possibility of  cooperation on the military and technology fronts.

Prior to his visit to Zimbabwe,  Lavrov had already covered Angola, Namibia, and Mozambique; and was slated to visit Ethiopa today.