May 03, 2019

Fancy Coloured Diamond Prices Stable in Q1 2019; Pink Diamonds Outperform Blues and Yellows

The Fancy Color Diamond Index remained largely stable in Q1 2019 according to data compiled by the Fancy Colored Research Foundation (FCRF). While the overall price index was down by 0.2% during the period as compared to the previous quarter, the index showed that pink diamond prices were up 0.5%, with prices of blues showing a slight decrease of 0.2% and that of yellows decreasing by 1.5%, FCRF reported.

The Fancy Color Diamond Index is published by the non-profit Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), tracking pricing data for yellow, pink, and blue fancy color diamonds in three key global trading centers – Hong Kong, New York, and Tel Aviv.

FCRF said that in the Pink category across saturation and size categories, prices rose by 0.5%, led by the 3 and 5 ct Vivid Pink categories, which increased by an average of 3.1%. The rest of the categories showed no change in comparison to the previous quarter.

While the Fancy Blue 1.5 ct category showed an increase of 3.4%, and Fancy Vivid Blue 1.5 ct category increased by 1.3%, the highest appreciation in Q1 2019 was presented by 1 ct Fancy Intense Blue, which showed a rise of 3.9%. The overall Blue segment decreased by 0.2% on average. In comparison, the fourth quarter of 2018 showed 0.8% increase in this category.

In Q1 2019 the Yellow segment decreased by 1.5%. However, the 1ct category in Fancy Yellow increased by 1.2% showing a recovery after decreasing by 1.6% in 2018.

In comparison to Q1 2018, the Fancy Color Diamond Index presents an increase in Blue Diamonds by 2.8% and in Pink Diamonds by 0.6%, and a decrease in the price of Yellow Diamonds by 3.5%.

FCRF Advisory Board member Oren Schneider said: “At a time of diamond market uncertainty, fueled by growing white diamond inventory and the emergence of lab grown diamonds, most categories of Fancy Color diamonds are showing continued pricing stability, with the Pink segment posting slight price increases.”

Pic courtesy: FCRF