May 28, 2019

IDEX introduces New Service for Bespoke Boxes of Round Stars and Melee Diamonds

IDEX announced on its website yesterday, the introduction of a new service: BoxxStars. This is a service “that allows jewellery manufacturers, retail jewellers, designers and other jewellery professionals to source tailor-made order of round stars and melee diamonds”, a news report on the website stated.

The BoxxStars Service is offered by IDEX Guaranteed Diamond Transactions Network and is powered by IGI DBOX, the Company said. 

The service is the result of the putting together of the sourcing skills of the IDEX Buying Service, with the “top-quality gemmological authority” of the International Gemmological Institute (IGI), the Company explained.

“BoxxStars enables retailers to buy exactly what they want, as much as they need, all the while reducing costs and avoiding unwanted excess inventory,” the website said. “IDEX's clients can order any quantity, no matter how small the order.”

BoxxStars also allows a retailer to order the exact mm sizes he needs, “with meticulously graded star and melee diamonds”, ensuring consistency of colour and clarity. The stones are packed in boxes that are secured and sealed and will be directly delivered to buyers by IDEX's Buying Services.  

IDEX enumerated BoxxStars services to include: 

  •    Natural star and melee diamonds, graded by IGI, secured and sealed.
  •    Calibrated small diamonds by millimeter range
  •    Customized quantities - the exact number of stones needed.
  •    Guaranteed consistency in colour, clarity and cut grade.

   Aggregated at best prices from the global market.