May 30, 2019

ALTR Created Diamonds Announces Alliance with H. Dipak’s Strategic Investment Group CoVentures

ALTR Created Diamonds yesterday announced “a global alliance” with CoVentures, the innovative strategic investment group founded by H. Dipak, one of the most respected names in the natural diamond industry.

ALTR stressed that the move, which “marks a significant milestone in the ALTR journey”, has come “after a period of explosive success for the brand during Q4 of 2018".

“We are very pleased to announce this pivotal development," said Amish Shah, President of ALTR Created Diamonds. "Our CoVentures alliance will exponentially enhance our penetration of markets all over the world, but most significantly in the Eurozone and the Asia Pacific regions. We will be able to leverage some significant synergies."

He added: "They are experts in converting earth mined rough diamonds into new categories of desirable jewellery, we are doing the same with ALTR Created Diamonds."

ALTR is particularly pleased, as it proclaimed, “this is not just any diamantaire”. The Company goes on to elaborate saying: “H. Dipak established itself as a powerhouse in the 1990s by becoming the main force behind the princess cut diamond phenomenon, just as the princess cut became the most popular fancy shaped diamond ever used for engagement rings. H. Dipak then coined the ground breaking concept of "Unrounds" and became the world-leading specialist in fancy shaped diamonds overall.”

Apart from its own achievements, H. Dipak has scripted several partnership success stories too, including its strategic alliance with "Divine Solitaires" and exciting new brands with retail stores "Unsaid Library" and "Her Story".

ALTR Created Diamonds, led by Amish Shah, a third-generation diamond and jewellery entrepreneur, “has captured the imagination of the modern consumer like never before with its bigger and more brilliant Type IIA created diamonds”, the Company asserted.

“The pioneering brand caters to the discerning modern consumer with exceptional quality and innovation, transforming aspirational luxury into attainable luxury,” the Company noted.

H. Dipak-sponsored CoVentures serves as an incubator for disruptive young brands in the fields of design, technology and retail. 

Hitesh Mehta, Chairman, CoVentures, commented: "We are thrilled to align with ALTR Created Diamonds. ALTR is the leading player in the lab-grown diamond sector, and at the forefront of driving a new wave of consumer desire towards the diamond jewellery category. We see great opportunities for ALTR to open up new markets and capture enormous global interest we have witnessed for their product."

Shah added: "This alliance is an important step in our mission to provide unique product offerings and cement our position as a dynamic leader in the created diamond category. CoVentures is the best possible partner for us, given its modern, innovative and dynamic approach.”