Aug 05, 2019

Pandora To Re-Launch Brand at Grand Event on August 28 at Los Angeles

August 28 promises to be a red letter day for Pandora. It is the day when the jewellery company will introduce its brand relaunch programme; as well as unveil its Autumn 2019 collection at a large brand event in Los Angeles.

“Following this, the global roll-out of a new store design, new online platforms, new partnerships and new products will begin,” Pandora said. This roll-out will be carried out over the second half of 2019 and into next year, “renewing the entire consumer experience”, the Company promised.

The brand relaunch is part of Pandora’s companywide turnaround programme, Programme NOW.  

The brand event in Los Angeles is expected to be attended by over 400 guests from around the world; as well as the international news media. At the event, Pandora will reveal “its new company purpose, brand expression and visual identity”, as well as showcase the Autumn 2019 collection. “Female artists have been invited to create their interpretation of the company’s new purpose – showcasing it through graffiti and wall murals along a street in Los Angeles,” Pandora added.

“The event in Los Angeles marks the beginning of our journey to become more relevant for consumers,” says Alexander Lacik, CEO of Pandora. “We have received very positive feedback to the marketing pilots we have conducted earlier this year, so we are eager to take this to consumers around the world and show a fresher and more contemporary Pandora.” 

One of the main aspects of the relaunch is a new store design “that builds on discovery and collectability”, the Company said. The first rebranded store will open in the UK followed by stores in key markets including China and Italy throughout 2019. Pandora will also launch new online stores and refresh its presence on partners’ e-commerce sites such as TMall.

“In what will be the company’s largest marketing investment to date Pandora will also launch design collaborations with global franchises, and partnerships with celebrities, influencers and organisations,” Pandora said elaborating on its plans. “Elements that will come to life already in Pandora’s Christmas campaign. More initiatives will be announced, as the renewal of the complete consumer experience continues into 2020.”