Lab-Grown Diamond Buyer Seller Meet

After receiving a fabulous response in the 3rd edition of the Lab-grown Diamond & Jewellery (LGD) BSM which was held at Surat from 16th to 17th April 2024 and the eagerness shown by both Suppliers & Buyers; the council is pleased to provide another exclusive opportunity to meet international buyers at the 4th edition of the Lab-grown Diamond & Jewellery (LGD) BSM which will be held at Surat from 3rd – 4th October 2024.

The BSM will provide a great opportunity to bring all the stakeholders of the LGD industry with the entire supply chain on the same platform to interact and exchange thoughts on various factors like technology, growing, polishing, jewellery making as well as marketing and branding of LGD as an independent commodity.

The LGD BSM will provide a one-on-one meeting platform for Indian manufacturers to connect with both; National and International buyers from all across the world including Factory Visit on the last day.