Oct 12, 2016

DPA Presents Generic Promotion Campaign Plans to GJEPC

Jean Marc Lieberherr, CEO of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) made a presentation to the members of the GJEPC on the generic diamond promotion campaign that the organisation has just launched in the US at a meeting in Mumbai today. The presentation included the two newly created TVCs that will be at the core of the marketing campaign in the world’s largest diamond jewellery market this season.

It may be recalled that GJEPC had signed an MoU with the DPA during the JCK Vegas show to work together on the generic diamond promotions. The GJEPC has made a sizeable financial contribution to the marketing costs of the US campaign this year, over and above what it is spending in a joint promotional drive with De Beers in India.

Outlining the DPA’s approach, Liberherr told the meeting that the 2016 campaign, the first with the newly coined slogan ‘Real is Rare’ would be centred around the digital and social media. He added that in 2017, the DPA would expand the campaign in the US into the print and electronic media as well. It was also firming up plans to extend their marketing efforts to the Indian market, and this could possibly begin in 2017 itself, he stated.

The DPA campaign has just been unveiled in the US. It focuses on certain pivotal moments in two youthful relationships, and stresses that diamonds can play a crucial role as symbols of the deep emotional commitments that the young make, even if they are not immediately linked to formal rituals as in the past.

Based on six months of field research conducted by Mother New York, the TVCs entitled "Runaways" and "Wild & Kind" capture romances that follow what are being called “non-traditional trajectories”.

Mother New York senior strategist Thomas Henry has said in a statement, “Millennials are actually crying out for meaningful connections with important people in their lives, just like everyone on this planet. The 'Real is Rare' campaign is about celebrating those connections, however people choose to make them."

He added, “With the 'Real is Rare' campaign, we sought to update that diamond promise for a Millennial audience who recognize how rare and special a true and authentic connection is."

According to reports, the digital media campaign will run for about eight weeks across a variety of video platforms like Hulu, Facebook, Tubemogul and Instagram with some limited presence on cable TV and other electronic channels.