Signet Appoints Former Federal Judge to Conduct Review of its Equal Opportunities Practices

Apr 21, 2017

In the wake of complaints regarding sexual harassment at the workplace in a few of its locations, which resulted in some loss of reputation for the leading jewellery company,   Signet Jewelers Limited has appointed former federal Judge Barbara S. Jones, a partner at Bracewell LLP, “to conduct a thorough review of the company’s policies and practices regarding equal opportunity and workplace expectations”, the Company announced yesterday. The appointment was made by Signet’s new Board Committee focused on “Respect in the Workplace”.

“Judge Barbara Jones’ integrity is impeccable. She and her team have had a distinguished career in matters relating to workplace compliance issues and she will bring that experience to the company as she conducts a review of company policy and practices,” said Helen McCluskey, Signet Director and Chair of the committee. “Judge Jones will help us ensure our programmes are functioning as intended and to identify areas where we can further improve.”

Judge Jones has earlier served a 16-year term – from 1995 onwards – in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, where she presided over a wide range of cases. Prior to that, she served as Chief Assistant to Robert M. Morgenthau, then-District Attorney of New York County. Along with workplace compliance issues, she has focused on corporate monitorships, internal investigations, arbitrations and mediations since leaving the bench, Signet said.

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