Jul 17, 2017

6th Forevermark India Forum Held at Kolkata, Trend Report Released

The 6th edition of the Forevemark Forum, organised by the eponymous diamond brand from the De Beers Group of Companies held at Kolkata from 11 to 13 July, 2017 focused on the theme ‘Inspire. Innovate. Illuminate’. It was addressed by Stephen Lussier, CEO Forevermark and other leading representatives of the brand, and attended by key industry influencers, retail chain owners and independent jewellers from across the country.

Some of the prominent jewellers present at the Forum included C Krishniah Chetty & Sons, Hazoorilal, Joyalukkas, Mahesh Notandass, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Senco Gold & Diamonds, TBZ - The Original, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers and many others.

Over the three days, a number of key issues were discussed, including some of the significant achievements of the brand, its new campaigns, collections and other initiatives. . Over 30,000 Forevermark diamonds and 1,500 designs (earrings, nose-pins, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, etc.) were on display.

Speaking on the occasion, Stephen Lussier, CEO Forevermark, said, “This year we inscribed the two millionth Forevermark diamond at our lab in Surat which is a true testament of our growth in India. At Forevermark, the Forum reinstates our commitment to our partners by the offering among the world’s most beautiful diamonds at a single venue.”

Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India, stated, “The Forevermark Forum has emerged as the premier platform to stay connected and be informed in the world of diamonds today. Jewellers for whom the diamond business is important and significant, look forward to it as an event to key into their calendar. This is because they have seen over the years that we focus on new retail innovations, the latest technology and consumer insights to help them leverage their business.”

There were a few special sessions among the highlights.  One related to Change Management – the ability to adapt to ever changing tastes and markets, a crucial element of any business in today’s dynamic social-economic environment, with inputs and ideas presented by an Italian expert.

Another focused on fresh insights into behaviour of Indian diamond consumers, based on an extensive study conducted in the country entitled ‘Why Divya Doesn’t Wear Diamonds’. It provided information about the needs and aspirations of the modern Indian woman and emerging consumer trends. There were also presentations to help drive consumer engagement and establish leadership over digital media.

A key presentation was on the Trend Report for 2017 developed at Forevermark’s Design and Innovation Centre in Milan. It covered the four key themes that will be significant for diamond jewellery trends in the year ahead, based on the international art and fashion scene, recent looks on the red carpet and evolving consumer behaviour. Each trend is driven by aesthetics but also encapsulates emotional meaning.

For the Spring/Summer collections, Forevermark identified “Now and Forever” and “Nature’s Beauty” as the key trends. The former embodies the timeless appeal of diamonds and how they ensure that special moments and memories last forever, passed down through generations; it reimagines signature designs for the modern day. The latter is inspired by a desire to give back, reset the balance and to make more informed decisions about our impact on the world; since diamonds that are forged in the earth’s core are the embodiment of nature’s multi-facetted beauty.

The Autumn/Winter trends highlighted by Forevermark are “Geo-Deco” and “Declarations”. The first uses diamonds set in subtly complex compositions, bringing balance, proportion and symmetry to create a harmonious whole; it has patterns in nature at its core that help make sense of the world. The second theme builds around the idea that jewellery has always been a way to convey a message; and the recent thrust for expressions of individuality has led to a surge in innovative designs that are intensely personal declarative statements that may be fully understood only by its wearer.

Federica Imperiali, Forevermark’s Trend Expert and Head of New Product Development in Milan commented, “At the heart of the four trends that will dominate the seasons ahead is one powerful, eternal inspiration – our hopes and desires in life, how we make them meaningful to ourselves and our loved ones.”