Dec 06, 2017

Display of Rare Fancy Colour Diamonds Slated for Los Angeles From Dec 9, 2017 to April 1, 2018

“Green Diamonds: Natural Radiance”, a display showcasing some of the world’s “most coveted” natural fancy colour diamonds will be open for public viewing from December 9, 2017 to April 1, 2018, at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (NHMLA).

For the exhibit, New York-based Optimum Diamonds LLC, one of the world's leading  houses “for rare and exotic natural fancy colour diamonds”, will put on display  a portion of   its green diamond collection. The Company said that it has “amassed the largest collection of rare natural green diamonds in the world”.

Optimum Diamonds’ extensive collection of fancy colour diamonds includes “some of the rarest colours on nature's palette” including red, blue, green, orange, and Argyle pink diamonds. 

David Shara, owner of Optimum Diamonds, who has been trading in these colour gems since 1999, has a passion for acquiring the world’s rarest diamonds.

“Like the works of the great masters, the supply of these diamonds is finite, and the investors, collectors and jewellers that pursue them do so with incredible intensity,” said Shara. “I’m very pleased to be able to share my passion for these rare gems and the result of nearly 15 years of chasing these stones. They are something that most people rarely have the opportunity to see.”

The  Company’s display at the NHMLA  will also include  “two very rare diamonds”  acquired by it  at the 2017 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender:  The Argyle Everglow™, a 2.11 carat polished radiant cut Fancy Red diamond; and the Argyle Liberté™, a 0.91 carat radiant shaped Fancy Deep Gray-Violet diamond.

“It is extremely gratifying that Optimum Diamonds is making two historic Argyle diamonds available for public display at the highly respectable Natural History Museum of Los Angeles,” said Josephine Johnson, Director of Marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds. “Both are unprecedented testaments to the unique Argyle ore-body that continues to produce the world’s rarest pink, red and violet diamonds.”

Pic Cap:

Optimum Diamond’s Gamma Collection featuring the rarest natural green diamonds in the world

Pic Courtesy: Optimum Collection