Apr 24, 2019

ALROSA to Take Aikhal Underground Mine to a Further Depth of 300 Mts; Will Extend its Life by 10 Years

ALROSA has decided, after conducting a study, to take the Aikhal underground mine  to a further depth of 300 meters. The life of the mine will thus be extended upto 2044, giving the mine an additional 10 years.

“ALROSA’s top management approved the project Stripping and mining of Aikhal pipe reserves at the levels of -100 meters/-400 meters,” the Company announced. “Total investment will be about RUB 10 billion (as previously planned according to the programme announced on 18 March 2019).”

The current plan  allows for the addition of almost 20 million carats;  making it possible to  maintain the annual production level of 500,000  tons of ore up to 2044.

“Originally, commercial resources amounted to 6.2 million tons of ore with the date of completion of the mine operation in 2034-2035,” ALROSA said.

“The project is also attractive due to no need for major re-equipment and no need to build new infrastructure, and so on,” noted Director of Aikhal Mining and Processing Division Evgeny Denisov. “Development of deep levels and, accordingly, extension of the mine life will allow keeping more than 500 jobs, which is crucial for our company.”

The Company said, further, that the main haulage level of -100 meters will be built immediately and put into operation; while the construction of mine openings for underlying beds will start in 2020.

“The start of the extraction at new horizons (-100 meters / -400 meters) is planned no later than 2027,” the Company concluded.