Apr 30, 2019

NRF Expects Mother’s Day 2019 to Witness Highest Consumer Spending to Date

The National Retail Federation of the USA, which recently released the results of its annual national survey on anticipated spending trends for Mother’s Day expects sales for the special occasion to reach a record figure of US$ 25 billion this year; up from US$ 23.1 billion spent in 2018. The study, commissioned by NRF, was conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

“A total 84 per cent of U.S. adults are expected to celebrate in honour of their mothers and other women in their lives,” NRF revealed.

“Mother’s Day spending has been growing consistently over the past several years, and this year’s spending is expected to be the highest in the 16-year history of our survey,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Consumers are excited to celebrate all the moms in their lives, and retailers are ready to inspire consumers with unique gift options.”

This year, those celebrating Mother’s Day are expected to spend more -- at an average of US$ 196 compared with an average of US$ 180 spent in 2018.

NRF’s study reveals that consumers aged between 35-44 years are likely to spend the most – an average US$ 248, up from US$ 224; and men are likely to spend more than women at US$ 237 compared with US$ 158.

Apart from the usual greeting cards and flowers, the present day consumers are also going in for new models of gift-giving, including special outings and gift cards, which seem to be growing in popularity.  

Interestingly, NRF noted: “Increased spending on jewellery represents 31 per cent of the expected increase over last year.”

In terms of the number of persons purchasing jewellery, the category comes a distant sixth with only 35% saying they intend to buy jewellery, as compared to greeting cards (at No. 1 -75%); flowers (at No. 2 – 67%); special outing (at No. 3 – 55%); gift cards/certificates (at No. 4 – 45%) and clothing and clothing accessories (at No. 5 – 38%). Jewellery at number 6 is followed by personal service (24%); houseware or gardening tools (20%); books or CDs (20%); consumer electronics (15%); and other (24%).

What changes the outlook is when one considers the amount intended to be spent: by this criterion, jewellery easily beats them all to emerge at the top with an expected average spend of US$ 40.87 and a total of US$ 5.2 billion.

Further, NRF enumerates some factors which are at root of purchase decisions. “Many of those celebrating cited finding something unique (44 per cent) as the most important factor when picking out a Mother’s Day gift, followed by one that creates a special memory (39 per cent),” said NRF. “More than 8 in 10 (81 per cent) indicate they will look to retailers for gifting inspiration.”

“Mother’s Day is about celebrating a very special person or persons in your life,” Prosper Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist said. “Consumers today want to make sure they’re gifting mom something that will make her feel loved. And they’ll use all the inspiration and guidance they can get in finding that perfect gift.”