May 02, 2019

GJEPC Holds First of Three Jewellery Design Workshops

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) today commenced its two-day workshop on jewellery design. This is the first in a series of three workshops planned by the GJEPC, and anchored by renowned trend analyst Paola de Luca of The Futurist Ltd. company.

The packed-to-capacity workshop was attended by jewellery designers, manufacturers and personnel from product development and merchandising departments of jewellery companies.

The day began with Paola taking the participants through a detailed presentation on trend forecasting.

She told the participants: “When starting a design project, there are important steps, for achieving the most effective product results.

“These steps create efficiency and consistency throughout the design process with the objective of creating a Collection or Product lines in accordance with customer needs and prevailing market conditions.”

Paola underlined that her presentation today aimed at providing support “in  integrating product design as a fundamental aspect of a Company, with a strategic approach”.   

She stressed that forecasting wasn’t so much about particular designs, as understanding the ethos within which designers and jewellery companies worked.

“Forecasting is the use of historical data to determine the directions of  future trends,” Paola noted. “Forecasting is used by companies to determine how to allocate their budgets for an upcoming period of time.  This is typically based on demand for the goods and services a company offers, compared to the cost of producing them.”

Paola touched upon several aspects of the designing process which ultimately leads to creating pieces of jewellery, lines and collections. But a whole lot of effort and thought goes into the preparatory period prior to this. It includes doing an analysis of the competion, gaining an understanding of the consumer as well as market conditions.

Paola went on to introduce the trend book published by the GJEPC -- Aatman: Design Inspirations 2020. A masterfully produced publication, Aatman is a visual delight and makes it that much easier for the reader/designer to understand the thinking being put forward. It goes into intricate details on the trends expected in 2020 based on a gamut of data and insights both international and local.

After the initial presentation by Paola, well-known jewellery designer Neha Dani took the audience narrating the journey of the creation of jewellery.

In the course of the workshop Paola will also give participants specific exercises to work on, making the experience that much more interesting.

Dates for the second and third workshops in the series are yet to be announced.     

Pic Cap: Paola De Luca speaking at the Jewellery Design Workdshop 2019