An Eventful Agenda

The GJEPC’s calendar is crowded with activity through the year as befits this dynamic body. Apart from the Trade fairs and various other activities, there are a few specific events that take place annually, and in the case of seminars and conferences from time-to-time during the year.

Seminars & Conferences

Through the year, but at varying times and some specific ones intermittently, the GJEPC organises several seminars and conferences to discuss topics of import or to apprise its members of the latest international developments and/or trends etc.

The Mines to Market Conferences for the diamond and coloured gemstone industries have evolved as event for all stakeholders of that sector to come together on one platform.

The Trend Jewellery Forecasting (TJF) seminar held by Italian expert analysts provides relevant updates to the companies in the jewellery industry and help them plan their designs and production more effectively.

The first World Diamond Conference (WDC) organised in December 2014 by the GJEPC jointly with the World Diamond Mark and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, GoI, was a landmark event inaugurated by the President of Russia HE Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of India, Honb'le Narendra Modi. It was a platform for representatives of all segments of the diamond pipeline to come together and discuss the issues of the day

Several seminars organised intermittently on wide ranging topics ranging on areas like Policy, Finance etc have proved to be important avenues for knowledge sharing and an exchange of views for the industry.